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A Fast-Paced Modern-Day Adventure with a Kick-Ass Unlikely Female Hero.

I have been a Terry Goodkind fan since reading his epic fantasy series, The Sword of Truth, but never ventured a title by him outside of that series...until now. The Girl in the Moon is a complete 180 degree departure from The Sword of Truth, BUT there are similarities in his precise writing and how he writes his female characters. 

Right from the beginning of the book, I knew I was in for more strong writing from Terry Goodkind who has a unique ability to balance description and character development within an Action-Adventure story. His writing draws a reader in and immediately plops you in the middle of the action. To illustrate this, the first paragraph sets up everything, 

"When Angela glanced up and saw him out in the parking lot beyond the neon beer sign hung in the bar's small front window, her first thought was to wonder if this was the night she was going to die."

The Girl in the Moon is the story of Angela Constantine, who as a girl comes from a rough family life (or lack of it) filled with abuse, a meth-adict mother, and many issues. But all of this is key to understanding how she evolves into the kick-ass, strong character she becomes in this book. She is an unlikely hero, but a hero nonetheless. And I LOVED it!

A final note: There are some rough scenes, like a gang rape and intense violence, so this book is not for all readers. 



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