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A Fast-Paced Thrill Ride for Adult Readers

As I started reading Verity, I was swept up immediately in the location and action where the story starts. I was all in. Things start unfolding that bring this fully into a deep-dark, psychological thriller. Then when the autobiography of Verity is introduced, I was jolted and thrown off by the crass, sexual language and actions depicted. While reading through these parts, I didn’t see the need for it to be so explicit, and I felt like it was added just to get readers to pick up the book because of this ‘soft porn’ aspect to it. It almost made me stop reading. But I persisted, and it wasn’t until the end of the book that is is revealed why this was an included element.

The story is twisty in its own way and beside the mention above, I did want to get to the end to see how this all wrapped up. There are some holes that I wished were closed by the end of the story that were left open, but it is a good solid story with some surprises throughout. Avoid this read if you don’t like reading explicit, sexual content. If that doesn’t bother you, then I recommend this book for a fast-paced thrill ride for adult readers.


On a side note: I can't help but notice the similarities of the book cover for Verity as compared to the cover for Code Name Verity. Notice the placement and font of "Verity" on both, almost as if it was done purposefully to grab the attention of fans of that prior hit Code Name Verity or maybe it was just a nod of respect. Hmmmmm.



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