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It's been a Whirlwind so far.

So much has happened since the EN Cover Reveal in February. Not only have I been amazed by the outpouring of support from so many wonderful people across the globe, but the best part is I can finally talk about the book with all of you. I am so greatful and so excited to start this journey and have all of you with me for the ride.

So here's a quick recap of all things EN from the last few days.

Cover Reveal: Kudos to the amazingly talented GermanCreative who designed the cover.

EN is up on NetGalley . Callng all NetGalley reviewers, I hope you'll download, read, and review.

IBPA's Indie Titles Spring 2018 Bookstore Catalog just went out to 3,500 booksellers throughout the U.S. Kwame Alexander is on the cover, and EN is on page 34. Eeeeeek, so exciting!!!

...And there's so much more to come. I hope you'll follow the EN conversation online at #ENtheBook. And I'll post updates again real soon., I promise. Love you all!



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