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My trip to the Highlights Campus - A Visual Diary (Aug. 2020)

Our best laid plans are often upset with things we never anticipate, and my writing since COVID fell to that fate. I lost my creative inspiration and intention for several months, which put me way behind my schedule. With a deadline looming, I had to turn things around. Part of that reversal happened in big part thanks to Yin Chang and fellow storytellers at 88 Cups of Tea. Participating in 88 Cups of Tea sponsored weekly writing events and the encouragement from the group really helped me jump start my work-in-progress, and after getting my mojo back, I knew I needed one more thing to galvanize my initiative...a return trip to Highlights Foundation in Milansville, PA for a much-needed writing retreat.

I completed that trip last week and oh what a trip it was, like a salve for the soul and a connection to the writing muse. I wrote the most I’ve EVER written in such a short time; 27,128 words. It was the push I needed to get this draft in high gear. What follows is a visual diary of my trip, to share my experience through pictures—the writing, food, walks and inspiration that made this trip extra special. And now I share this with you, in hopes it inspires you too!



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