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Recent reads 2017 Recap and New Goals for 2018

It’s a new year of reading, which means a fresh start on my TBR pile, or should I say piles plural because I have several actually; take a look, here are a few pics/screenshots of my TBR piles.

And this doesn't even include my Audio book wish list. Most of these are first time reads, but I also have some rereads on my list too.

I can’t go to a bookstore, or a book event, and only buy one book. Oh no, not me, I usually leave with a bag full of new treasures. That’s what books are, am I right? Each book is a new adventure with new people to meet and new worlds to explore.

My goal this year is to embark on 20 more adventures. It’s not a huge number, but a manageable one considering I delegate a lot of my time to writing & promoting.

Here’s a visual montage of what I read in 2017, which picks up from my last Recent Reads post back in March 2017.

Right now I'm reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas and APE: How to Publish A Book by Kawasaki/Welch. What are you reading? And what do you recommend as must-reads for 2018?



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