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Revisiting A Story 15 Years Later from a New Perspective

What a cool experience to come back to this story of Bella and Edward fifteen years later, and now from Edward’s perspective. I absolutely LOVED this! It made me remember why I enjoyed the original book, and how ingrained the characters became in my mind then; now quickly returned like old friends.

I knew the story, so there were no plot surprises of course, nor did I expect any, but I was surprised at how many new layers were added by getting this story from Edwards point-of-view. Reading this was fulfilling, delightful, and the exact bit of familiar comfort & escape I needed during this time of COVID; like a grilled cheese sandwich and cup of soup on a rainy day.

The experience of reading Twilight so many years ago was a huge catalyst in defining my own voice as a young adult author, so to read Midnight Sun now after publishing two of my own YA books, was a coming home and a way to pay homage to a work that inspired my own creativity, voice, and writing direction. Thank you for paving the way Stephenie Meyer!

For those who are not familiar with the love story of Edward and Bella, here’s a quick blurb on what you can expect from reading Midnight Sun:

Edward Cullen is an atypical vampire who abstains from the blood of people. He is broody and handsome and lonely. And then Bella Swan enrolls in the same high school that Edward attends. She is human, clumsy, and always in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are opposites with not much in common, but there is something between them nonetheless, something that defies all odds. We watch them fall in love, overcome the differences of their two opposing worlds, and try to escape fate that could be the end of them both.

I certainly don’t think you need to have read Twilight to enjoy Midnight Sun. It is a stand-alone story, but anyone who is a fan of the original work will also enjoy this retelling. Highly recommended for fans of the paranormal, Stephenie Meyer, vampire love stories, young adult literature and books with strong adult crossover appeal.

Midnight Sun cover


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