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Stephenie Meyer surprises with something completely different.

From the author that brought us the Twilight series and The Host, Stephenie Meyer surprises with something completely different. In this fast-paced thriller, an on-the-run female agent skilled in using chemical interrogation must escape her own assassination, using honed talents to track down and outsmart her former employers who now want her dead.

What a pleasure to read! The main character, who goes by several different identities, is a kick-ass protagonist who is crafted with substance and an innate likeability. She is not just a caricature of a gun-toting, suit-wearing government agent, but instead a multi-faceted person that jumps off the page. I also loved the fast-paced storyline, and ease with which the author thrusts us into this world of espionage. It feels well-researched, which made me buy-in immediately as a reader. Yes, there is a love interest element, and Meyers expertly crafts this subplot with substance and quirkiness to a level far beyond her prior books.

Interesting side note, while reading this book I found myself reminded of another recent read, The Girl in the Moon by Terry Goodkind. Many of the traits shared by the characters in both books are similar, as are some of the plot points, but the two stories are still very different in many other ways. Also, The Chemist has readability with both adult and teen readers whereas The Girl in the Moon is extremely explicit and only applicable to adult readers.

I highly recommend this book to readers who love thrillers, espionage, and kick-ass protagonists.

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