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The Man on the MountainTop - A Quaint Story That Flows Like a Small Stream

Book Review – The Man on the Mountaintop, by Susan Trott

The first half of the book read like a character study rather than a story, and it moved a bit slow for me, but I told myself to give it a chance. I am glad I did. About halfway through, I got the point of the story and what it was trying to accomplish - embedding life lesson into a quaint story. It’s on the same plateau as The Celestine Prophecy although I think The Celestine Prophecy did it better because the story moved much quicker there. Here it flows slowly like a small stream in the back yard. There were times I felt that the author tried too hard to impress using words like ‘miasma’ instead of something more basic that might be a better fit for the story.

The narration is good. Stanley Tucci is the best of the bunch. Some of the others sometimes felt like monologues instead of interactive conversations.

Overall, it had a good message and strong characters, just would have loved to feel the movement of the story from the beginning of the book to make it stronger.



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