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Exclusive Content

If you’re looking for the exclusive content from author Joyce Scarbrough, you’re in the right place!


The former senior editor for Champagne Books, Joyce now does freelance editing and writes full time. She writes both adult and YA fiction and has eight published novels as well as short stories available in several anthologies. She’s lived all her life in beautiful LA (lower Alabama), she’s the mother of three gifted children and a blind Pomeranian named Tilly, and she’s been married for over 30 years to the love of her life—a superhero who disguises himself during the day as a high school math teacher and coach.


Find out more about Joyce and her books on her Website: www.joycescarbrough.com


Here’s a sneak peek from the first chapter of her WIP, Syncopation.




Excerpt from Chapter One

            Jolynn Fagan was the kind of white trash that inspired tattoos and water tower messages. A no-good troublemaker from a long line of mouth-breathing rednecks who had no aspirations of ever being anything else. One look at her and Lucas knew his mother would cross the street to avoid passing her on the sidewalk, his sister and her friends would gleefully rip her to shreds for being a tramp and—even more of a travesty—for dressing like one. And his father would peer down his nose at her with all the self-righteous disdain and condemnation that comes from being the headmaster of Kingdom Academy, one of the most prestigious Christian private schools in the state of Alabama.

            But after that first look at her, Lucas himself couldn’t get her out of his head. Exceedingly more disturbing to him, he also couldn’t get her out of his dreams.

The first time he saw Jolynn, she was trying to shoplift from Landon’s Music Store where Lucas worked part-time after school. He saw her put something inside her shirt and head toward the door.

            “Hey!” He came around the counter to intercept her. “What do you have in your shirt?”

            “Now there’s a line I ain’t heard before,” she said. “Want me to show ‘em to you or just describe ‘em for you?” She turned to face him with one hand on her skinny hip while the other hid the contraband behind her back.

            “I’m talking about whatever you’re trying to steal,” Lucas said.

             She backed away from him, stopping when she bumped into a rack of clarinet accessories. “I ain’t stealing nothing. I just don’t see nothing I want in this crappy store, so I’m leaving.”

             “Oh, really?” Lucas took a step closer and reached behind her to grab her hand. “Then what’s this?”

             She struggled to free her hand and dropped what she was hiding. She looked from the package of blank staff paper on the floor to Lucas’s face, then her angry expression changed to one he supposed she thought was seductive.

             “Okay, you caught me. Look, I really need that paper, so how ‘bout we make a trade for it?” She put his hand over one of her breasts. “I’ll show you what’s inside my shirt if you let me have the paper.”

             “Sorry,” he said. “This store has a strict cash-only policy.”

             “You sure ‘bout that?” She looked up at him with impudent blue eyes garishly outlined in black. “Cause I can’t help noticing that your hand is still on my boob, and something in your pants is poking the hell outta me.”

             She was right, and Lucas couldn’t seem to get his hand to move away from her breast, meager as it was like the rest of her. Her threadbare Whitesnake T-shirt provided only a whisper of separation between his hand and her nipple, and despite his distaste for this girl with no discernible principles whatsoever, he found himself inexplicably wondering about the exact color and texture of that taut little bud pressing against his palm.

            “So do we got a deal, or you got something else in mind?” She slid his hand down and started to put it inside her shirt.

            Lucas roused himself from his libidinous stupor and managed to pull his hand away just before it reached one of the barely detectable swells he still found himself picturing in agonizing detail. He took an awkward step back—awkward because of the undeniable tightness in his Levi’s, which made his next words sound ludicrous.

            “You have nothing I’d ever want. Just get out of here and don’t come back.”

            She snickered as her gaze fell to the front of his pants. “Yeah, right. So what about the paper?”

            “Take it. Just don’t let me see you in here again.” Lucas wanted her gone before he did anything else completely out of character.

            “No problem.” She snatched up the package of paper and ran to the door but paused to turn before going out. “But maybe I’ll run into you someplace else.”

             Lucas watched her sprint across the parking lot, the bottom edge of her skinny buttocks clearly visible through two holes in the seat of her baggy jeans.

            “What a piece of trash,” he said aloud to himself. But he watched her until her spiky purple hair was completely out of sight.

            And he couldn’t stop wondering why she had wanted that staff paper so much.

~ ~ ~